"Women in a Legal Event" Stamp

A commitment for making women visible in legal events

As an initiative included within our Manifesto for equality in the legal sector, Women in a Legal World, WLW, is launching a certification supporting the visibility of women in legal events:, the"Women in a Legal Event" ”.

This stamp is aimed to encourage organizers and/or sponsors to increase the participation of women as speakers by 20% compared to the previous editions of their events, not limiting their role to that of a (simple moderator) and/or presenter. Thus, we will turn legal events held in Spain into joint ventures of men and women, reaching a percentage of participation of 50% for female experts..

Obtaining the"Women in a Legal Event" will be a hallmark of excellence as it will, on one hand, highlight the best practices of companies, institutions, groups, offices and other stakeholders in the sector as organizers and/or sponsors of legal events; and, on the other hand, will have an impact on society, as it will encourage to take the views of female experts within the legal sector into greater account.

The use of the stamp requires a commitment by the organizer and/or sponsor: making a yearly progress based on this objective and finally reaching a 50% of female presence.

How does it work?

By adhering to this initiative, organizers and/or, sponsors COMMIT to:

  1. Making female experts in legal issues visible at their events, conferences, panels and debates as speakers, reaching a participation increase of 20% in comparison to the previous year and not limiting their presence to moderator/hostess roles.
  2. Avoiding panels where the only participants are men.
  3. Engaging in other positive actions to achieve a greater female visibility in legal events, and encouraging the women in our environment -with special regard to the younger generations- – to participate in events, conferences, panels and debates as speakers,, including potential formative actions.
  4. Encouraging other organizers/sponsors to join this initiative.

Who can join and how?

You can join the Commitment for female visibility in legal events , in order to obtain the "Women in a Legal Event" Stamp., To be able to apply, you must be an organizer and/or sponsor of a legal event organized in Spain, (i.e., a private business, business school, university, association, foundation, professional association or other public organization, as well as private and public bodies).

Getting the stamp will not depend on the format or duration of the event.

Organizers and/or sponsors who wish to adhere to this initiative can do so by directly subscribing to our commitment here.

WLW will send the "Women in a Legal Event" via e-mail in a digital format so that it can be included in event programs, webpages, social media, etc.

Once granted, the"Women in a Legal Event" will be publicly delivered, at the request of the organizer and/or sponsor of the event, in order to be used for advertisting purposes. The digital version of the stamp shall include a link to WLW's website, www.womeninalegalworld.com .

The granting of the"Women in a Legal Event" implies a commitment from the organizer/sponsor to provide event programs, conferences, panels and debates that they organize or support in order to compile all the data related to female participation in these events;, and to include the logo of the"Women in a Legal Event" in their own event programs, websites, social media, press, and other promotional documents which are deemed appropiate. The organizer/sponsor will also do as much as possible to mention the initiative during the course of the event.

What are the advantages for the organizers and/or sponsors?

Once granted, the"Women in a Legal Event" may be used during a calendar year., If the organizer/sponsor wishes to renew the certification for another 12 months, he/she will have to fill an evaluation questionnaire in which he/she proves a 20% increase in the presence of female speakers over the previous year, to reach the 50/50. objetcive. The questionnaire will be examined by WLW, who may decide to extend the use of the"Women in a Legal Event" ”.

As this certification is conceived as an Excellence Stamp, organizers and/or sponsors of the legal event will get a number of benefits upon its reception such as social recognition, as their public image will improve through the promotion of equality., They shall also have the opportunity to access a more diverse roster of experts for their events.

In addition, WLW, is committed to :

  • Making a female expert database available to the organizers and/or sponsors of the initiative, sorted by specialty, (regardless of whether they are WLW members or not), so they can easily find potential speakers for their events.
  • Publicizing the events certified by the"Women in a Legal Event" in our social media accounts.
  • Collaborating in different communication actions that the organizers and/or sponsors of the event are interested to carry out to promote the event.
  • Publishing at www.womeninalegalworld.com a list of all of the events that have been certified by the Stamp, creating an Event Network with "Women in a Legal Event" Stamps.

Every year, WLW will grant the"Women in a Legal Event" Golden Stamp and the"Women in a Legal Event" Silver Stamp to the two legal events with the highest percentage of female speakers.

Get more info at: sellowlw@womeninalegalworld.com


Interested in being a speaker in a legal event? Join our DATABASE OF FEMALE SPEAKERS so that organizers and/or event sponsors can get in touch with you.

This initiative is not restricted to WLW members, so you can encourage other women to register.

If you are interested in joining our database of female speakers, send us an e-mail to sellowlw@womeninalegalworld.com with the following data: first name; surname; current job; specialty: brief professional description; Linkedin profile; location; and contact details (preferably e-mail).


Women in a Legal World, -hereinafter mentioned as "the association"-, registered at , Calle Costa Rica 42, 5 C, 28016, Madrid, and available for contact at WLW@womeninalegalworld.com, is responsible for the treatment ofall the personal data that you provide us and will only use it for the creation and management of a database of female experts. This list may be consulted by the companies that organize legal events with the purpose of contacting the registered professionals. Likewise, WLW may use this database to promote contact between members of this roster and to gather statistical data on the real participation of female experts in these events. The basis for legitimacy is the consent of the person that voluntarily provides the data and her interest in being part of this roster. Data will be retained as long as deletion is not requested. The association, will not share such data at international level . You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, portability and restriction/opposition by writing to the entity responsible of the processing of the data, under the subject "Exercise of the Data Protection Rights" and attaching a copy of a document that proves your identity, as well as sending a requirement to the pertinent control authority (Spanish Data Protection Agency: www.aepd.es).