In less than a year old, Association Women in the Legal World (WLW) He has launched numerous projects to enable the defense of equality in the legal sector and seek visibility in the industry itself and society in general. The appeal we are having, through its impact, It is broad and excited to continue working.

  1. that will be held mentoring (whereby mentors guide and motivate students in their final years of undergraduate and Master Access the practice of law, based on her needs, and her professional goals),
  2. that will be held Councilors manifest in the Councils and Committees Address (70 entities signed the manifesto "Councilors in the Councils", a project to bring together and connect on a single platform all existing initiatives promoted academic areas, institutional and business to promote diversity in boards and executive committees of companies operating in Spain),
  3. that will be held Observatory for Gender Equality in the Legal Sector (on the dissemination of best practices in the sector it intended policy impulse female leadership of the leading firms in Spain, specific studies and creating a working group with partners and HR professionals responsible firms participating in the project with the aim of analyzing, propose improvements and promote measures adapted on equality),
  4. the Charlas WLW (presentations by experts to be posted on our YouTube channel), to
  5. the "WLW Awards"To recognize the work done by women professionals and organizations that are committed to equality in the world of law and justice.

These projects, We join the numerous networking events and training organized during these seven months of life WLW.

In addition to Madrid, We have already launched the Barcelona section and soon also the launch of Valencia, Seville and Bilbao, In addition to founding the group under 35, we also work on our projects and boost their own.

In another vein, It has been established the Advisory Council with personalities of first institutional and professional, as Mª Emilia Adán, dean of the College of Registrars of Spain; Victoria Ortega, President of Professional Union and the General Council of Lawyers; Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Cuatrecasas partner and former vice president of the Government; Isabel Tocino, Minister of Banco Santander, State Councilor and former Minister of Environment; Mª José García Beato, councilor and secretary general of Banco Sabadell; Montserrat Surroca, responsible for Relations with Parliament CEOE and Public Administration; Pilar Cuesta, lawyer of the State Council; Gloria Lomana, journalist and businesswoman; e Isabel Valldecabres, former judge and chief of staff of the Vice President of the Government.

Happy summer, We'll wait for you on the way back.

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