Montserrat Surroca He is a member of the Advisory Council on Women in Legal World (WLW). Law degree from the University of Barcelona, He has practiced law in a specialized professional office in Family Law. For two terms was deputy in Congress (2008 to 2015) to, currently, CEOE works for Parliamentary Relations and Public Administration. part, also, of the Center for Strategic Studies Building Work (which it is the think tank of the Catalan employers).

What does it mean for you to be part of the Advisory Council on Women in Legal World?

An opportunity to bring my experience to the next WLW partnership with other women whose careers are an example. It makes me especially excited to contribute everything I can to help more women reach the legal world positions of more responsibility or directors, We have made progress but we have a long way to go.

From your position as a lawyer and politician, Why do you think that an association like WLW is necessary?

I WLW think it is a great initiative because in many areas and especially the legal women have to help to make progress in terms of equality. If we look around we see that we are many we are developing our careers in the legal world and however there are few who reach positions where decisions are taken, It is therefore essential to weave complicities and alliances between us, share experiences that have come and set common goals and strategies to take the place we deserve.

it is essential to weave complicities and alliances between us

How do you assess the policy dissemination and promotion with different groups of women in the sector in other cities in Spain?

An association like WLW must have a global vocation, equality must be achieved in every corner of our country, in fact sometimes prepared women living in small towns or cities far from major capitals may have more difficulty or less opportunities than elsewhere, Thus, It is essential that we try to reach all of them via WLW.

And in order to give visibility to women in the legal sector?

It is essential because it helps send the message that we are there, we are a lot more than you sometimes might seem and that we should occupy our rightful place and in the legal world have not yet reached. Any photographs of the bodies where decisions are taken in the judiciary or in large offices of our country shows that there are still many glass ceilings.

We are many more than you sometimes might seem and that we must take the rightful place

Networking 30 October I will deliver the Women Awards in a Legal World. An award that makes us special is the illusion Securities: to 27 constituent MPs and senators. With the perspective of time…

It also makes me especially excited this recognition to 27 deputies and senators pioneers of our country, They are breaking many prejudices that came there and their contributions helped to improve the lives of many women. It has been spoken much of the fathers of the Constitution and much less of these women, I therefore think it an act of justice that their hard work is recognized in the first edition of the Awards.

An inspirational message for all those young people who will develop his career in the world of law ...

Always worth fighting for what one deserves, to be brave and not give up anything. They are young preparadísimas and have a world that expects and many who have made a part of this journey we are there to support them in whatever they need. We join together and arrive where we deserve.

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