Since February 1996, Laura Oliver runs the prosecutors office that bears his name in the city of Valencia. He is dean president of the College of Procurators of Valencia and President of the Valencian Council of Procurators comprising schools in Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Elche. Last 17 of September, Laura organized the first meeting in Valencia Women in a Legal World.

  • "It's a matter of time" -that the response of many to talking about the glass ceiling: What would you say to those who perceive WLW as unnecessary movements in the legal sector?

Because it seems an absurd response, The women of 2019 we are not going to stop and to hope that our work is recognized, we will do all proposals and all the necessary actions to have the place we deserve.

The women of 2019 we are not going to stop and to hope that our work is recognized

  • Why is it necessary that WLW spread to other cities in Spain, as is the case of Valencia?

Because in all cities in our country there are great women, brave, fighters and had great careers in the legal sector, which can add, assist and empower our project, It's amazing what our experiences are similar, our views, our proposals… although we are in Bilbao, Seville or Valencia.

  • Professionally, Have you found gender-related obstacles in the course of your career?

No, I have not had obstacles that have been autonomous, but I felt different treatment, when I started working ago 27 years few bank managers took seriously the projects they were presenting women, among other things because few of them were women.

When they attented from any service sector did very fatherly way: "the girl", "La nena" etc.. and this situation you limited, not treated you seriously. Then, in the exercise of my profession I have developed prosecutor on equal terms with my colleagues, but I know I'm very lucky.

  • What do you think challenges facing women in our industry in the coming years?

I think there are as many challenges as women but of course there are three fundamental:

  1. equality in boards,
  2. responsibility within the family and
  3. maybe, stop being so discreet and evaluate our work as men value his, not be afraid to succeed.

we should not be afraid of success

  • Is any personal and professional you expect from a network like this?

I hope to provide a mini-bit to all the young women, medium and larger in both their personal and professional sphere. You can not be a successful professional in your personal life if you're not happy, and vice versa. Because, I can not separate what I expect as a person or as a professional: I'm Laura and I hope that my experience and my work in WLW serve so that the less a woman feel stronger.

  • How do you assess the initiative of the I Awards to Women in Legal World?

For fantastic, and he said before first thing we have to do is recognize ourselves, without fear or shame, and perhaps with a little less discretion, and nothing better to recognize this value with the I Awards for Women in Legal World. I think it's wonderful.

  • A few words for all those young people in the legal sector are beginning ...

For all women who work in the legal sector, I can only tell them they have exciting work ahead: formed continuously, work on an equal footing with their peers and enjoy your successes same as them, not afraid to stand out as a result of work well done.

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