Networking next 14 October will take place 9 to 11 PM en el Consejo General de la Abogacía Española la jornada More jurists on the Boards of Directors organized by Women in the Legal World (WLW) and will feature the presence of Victoria Ortega, Isabel Tocino, Maria Segimón, Anna Birulés, Ignacio Bao and Silvia López Jimenez.

To attend the conference click here: More jurists on the Boards of Directors

Current situation of women in the Boards of Directors

During the course of the debate will discuss the current situation of women in the Boards of Directors and the evolution of its presence in these organs in recent years.

The round table moderated Marlen Estévez, WLW's President, They will be discussed, you can now join WLW's Young Division, the next topics:

  1. What experience and capabilities now require companies to appoint directors.
  2. What sources use head hunters to seek candidates.
  3. Is it good to have lawyers on the boards and executive committees?
  4. What can bring the jurist adviser against the secretary of the council or external legal counsel.

Think Tank directors in boards

The working group "Think Tank directors in boards", WLW driven, objective is to connect existing initiatives or being launched from education, institutions and businesses, an umbrella platform to work towards equality in boards, under the conviction that this objective will result in a more co-responsible and efficient society.

For it, the working group undertakes to take reasonable measures and initiatives to reach that help drive the increased presence of women in the Boards of Directors.

Key Commitments

  • Try to achieve equitable representation on the Boards of Directors, governmental committees and main bodies of female members.
  • To analyze the lists of female specialists that are accesible within the market, before taking the decision on the right candidate for a managerial position or counselor, taking into account those women who are equally worthy of that position based on their career and professional experience.
  • To strive to get different social agents (media, institutions, companies, etc.) give visibility to help professional women through various actions: press releases, interviews, social and networking events, talks, etc.
  • Train new generations so that increasingly more women leaders and future counselors through the creation or support mentoring programs, specific training programs, etc.
  • Promote transparency of diversity policies followed in each organization
  • To provide clear reports in order to educate on the progress we're making regarding equality.
  • To invite any individuals and organizations to implement their own actions if they share these goals.

Want joining? Sign our Manifesto.

To attend the conference click here: More jurists on the Boards of Directors

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