The days 21 to 22 of November will take place that will be held I Congress "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Ethical Impacts - Solutions Agenda 2030”, organized by the European Association of Women Lawyers (EWLA) and I WLW Women in a World Legal and held Impact Hub in Torre Picasso in Madrid.

The congress is co-organizers Global Leadership Academy of the German Development Agency, the GIZ, the Conference INGOs of the Council of Europe and European project Horizon 2020 "Path2Integrity" and seeks to address some of the ethical problems of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4RI).

The 4RI carries disruptive technologies that will accelerate processes that facilitate the daily lives of people, but also important ethical challenges and a direct impact on the economy and the destruction and creation of new jobs. Thus, Congress is a framework for discussion with policy makers and business leaders to create an inclusive and humane future technologies.

For now, have joined the institutions and authorities Congress the Government of Spain that will accompany us as: President of the State Council, Secretary of State for Equality, Secretary of State for Universities, Investigation, Development and Innovation, the General Directorate of R & D & I, the Institute for Women and the High Commissioner for Agenda 2030.

Other institutions that have joined are the National Research Council of Canada, European Commission, la ONU, Illustrious Schools of Lawyers of Madrid and Barcelona, Spanish and International Association of Women Judges, the Council of the European Legal Profession, Swiss human rights association "plaider droits de l'homme them" and Spanish associations "W Startup C" and "WA4STEAM" and "Foundation Cibervoluntarios".

We will have experts in RegTech, FinTech, HE, robots, smart cities, internet of things, 5G, criptomoneda, block Chain, the future of work; cyber violence, especially against women and girls; with members of the International Association of Women Judges Nancy Hendry and Judge Shiranee Tilakawardane, Women20 delegates (W20, subgroup of G20) who will present the statement of W20; leaders and change agents of Global Leadership Academy GIZ, the executive director of the Foundation for Science and Technology Students, Canada, and representatives of civil society, academia, public institutions, multinationals, all stakeholders in the 4RI and ethics.

I Congress "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Ethical Impacts - Solutions Agenda 2030

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