The “I Premios Women in a Legal World” will be delivered next October and the organization of this first edition continues with the formation of the Jury, from the selection made among all members of WLW, finally decide who the winning entries.

El Jurado de losI Premios Women in a Legal Worldestá compuesto por:

  • His Excellency. Sr. .. Carlos Lesmes Serrano, President of the Spanish Supreme Court and General Council of the Judiciary.
  • Her Excellency. Mrs. . Carmen Calvo Poyatos, Vice President of the Spanish Government and Minister for the Presidency, Parliamentary Relations and Equality.
  • Her Excellency. Mrs. . María Teresa Fernández de la Vega Sanz, President of the Spanish Council of State.
  • Her Excellency. Mrs. . Victoria Ortega Benito, President of the Spanish Bar Association.
  • Her Excellency. Mrs. . María Emilia Adán García, president of the Registrar's Association of Spain.
  • His Excellency. Sr. .. José Ángel Martínez Sanchís, President of the General Council of Notary Publics.
  • His Excellency. Sr. .. Juan Carlos Estévez Fernández-Novoa, President of the General Council of Spanish Solicitors.
  • Mrs. . Victoria Prego Oliver Toliver, journalist.
  • Mrs. . Marlen Estévez Sanz, WLW's President.
  • Mrs. . Alicia Muñoz Lombardy, Director of Governing Bodies, Regulation and Privacy. Deputy Secretary of Santander's Spain. Board.

The jury of the I Awards to Women in Legal World will meet next 17 July at the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation to deliberate and select the winning entries.

The award categories in this first edition are as follows:

  1. HONORARY AWARD: to be granted to a woman with a consolidated career, renowned, according to their career and their contribution and influence in promoting the visibility of women in the legal field, academic, politician, business or social.
  2. WOMAN AWARD YEAR: aims to recognize women that has excelled in recent years, as an example of leadership and implementation of initiatives and solutions in any area, legal, academic, politician, business or social
  3. AWARD VALUES: which aims to recognize individuals who have excelled in defending human rights.
  4. AWARD FOR EQUALITY: the best policies and programs recognize diversity and equality developed in business organization.
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