What is WLW?

A collaborative network among women in the legal sector

It is a fact that in Spain, as in many other countries, the legal sector is dominated by a male leadership model. It is a sector that, even in the XXI century, remains configured according to the preferences of men who exercised the legal profession in times far off, in which women had virtually no chance to study or practice and, a lot less, to help decide the model of professional experience more convenient.

Fortunately since society has changed radically and women not only access to college on an equal footing with their peers, but who choose a career in law at a rate significantly higher and also have better grades.

Nonetheless, Factors that will be very interesting to analyze, They are tripping over themselves to women to occupy a secondary role generally higher levels of power, liability and compensation in most law firms and other organizations in the legal sector, like schools, tips, associations, Business, agencies, Business schools, Law Schools, etc…

WLW is created to contribute to the transformation of the model, it has definitely ceased to meet the needs and preferences of most people who dedicate their knowledge, their experience and talent to the world of the law (women), and reserve positions of greater relevance and accountability, paid better, almost systematically men.

Women in a Legal World

WLW is a non-profit organization born in Spain. Our members are professional women in the legal sector, capable of influencing, who wish to transform the environment in which they operate, creating the conditions that will allow all professionals, men and women, have the same opportunity to shine and achieve career success, thus configuring a model that satisfies everyone.

WLW has the view that Spain is a pioneer in achieving a diverse legal sector at all levels, in which no longer unusual to see a woman in front of a law firm, directing a law school, presiding over the jury grand prix, or leading the legal department of a company listed.

We have concerning women in all fields and specialties legal, in debates, in the media, in the cloisters of business schools, in the chairs and boards.

It is therefore necessary for us to know each other, we connect, we improve our social skills among professionals, that we inspire us mutually, and tiremos of coming back for the sector to develop their career have an appearance very different from today, much more diverse, rich and balanced, with options valid for all to achieve the level of control in decision-making bodies.

  • Move from words to deeds. There are many reports that show the gender imbalance in decision-making bodies of the legal sector. It's time to take action so that the figures give a turnaround soon.
  • Create a collaborative network to increase the presence of women in media management, committees, institutions, tips, universities, offices, companies and associations.
  • Promote and give visibility to excellent women in the legal field.
  • An impact on society to take greater account of our views and more women in senior management positions in our sector.
  • Highlight best practices of firms, companies and institutions in the sector.
  • Promote professional advancement without bias gender and help new generations.
  • Keeping us in mind for possible business opportunities, conferences, collaborations in media or publishing projects, invitations to events, sharing information, etc.
  • Creating projects that illustrate women's leadership in the legal sector.
  • Developing collaborative networks through the implementation of mentoring programs to students in their final year of major Spanish universities with the commitment that these girls turn mentorizar to commit to first-year students.


Who can participate?

WLW participation is exclusively activated by direct invitation from a member of the original network, Once consolidated, propose new candidates to join the group.

If you are interested in joining or know someone who might be pregnant, access the application form you will find in this link


How to participate?

There are five ways to get involved and start building relationships through WLW:


  1. Attends a bi-monthly lunch.

We meet every two months to share a lunch networking. Our meetings include time to mingle, talk and, in some cases, the intervention of an expert speaker on a topic of interest. Each attendee is responsible for the cost of the menu, which is closed in advance.

    1. Join our group on LinkedIn:

      Women In a Legal World, (It requires prior invitation), continues its activity and participate in the conversation.


  1. Individual meetings program.

A few days before each lunch, each attendee so that it has requested a list is sent via email with the contact information of all participants who have consented. Identifies one or more women WLW list and schedule individual meetings during lunch or coffee. This is a vital step to form personal connections and build business relationships. Think of the least one person whom you can recommend to the professional who just met. He networking starts giving.

  1. Talk to a member of the organizing committee

We would love to get involved in what is happening behind the scenes in WLW. Contact a board member, share your ideas or consult your doubts and she will help you find a particular project within WLW to which you could joining.

  1. Share WLW

We appreciate that you share with third parties or social networks what you have learned in our meetings, or ideas that have inspired you or called attention, but our meetings are subject to the regla Chatham House: you can comment on what has been said, but without mentioning who attended, or identify what a specific person said.





annual meetings


You want to participate?

For future additions, Please complete the application form.



Women in Legal World wants to create a collaborative network to increase the presence of women in media management, committees, institutions, tips, universities, offices, companies and associations in the legal sector.

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