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The working group "Think Tank directors in boards", formed by the undersigned institutions and associations, objective is to connect existing initiatives or being launched from education, institutions and businesses, an umbrella platform, consisting of making possible the diversity in boards for the sake of the necessary complementarity between men and women and the firm belief that this goal will result, without a doubt, in a society more co-responsible and efficient.

To this end, the working group undertakes to take reasonable measures and initiatives to reach that help drive the increased presence of women on boards of directors.

key commitments

  • Try to get equal representation on the Boards of Administración, committees main governmental bodies and female members.
  • Analyze lists of expert professionals to which you have access on the market for, before taking the decision on the right candidate for a managerial position or counselor, taking into account women equally worthy of that position for his career and experience.
  • Strive to get the different social agents (media, institutions, Business, etc.) give visibility to help professional women through various actions: Press releases, interviews, social and networking events, talks, etc.
  • Train new generations so that increasingly more women leaders and future counselors through the creation or support mentoring programs, específicos training programsn, etc.
  • Promote transparency of diversity policies followed in each organization
  • Clear reporting data to make visible progress in this field
  • Invite the participation of all individuals and organizations to implement actions with these same goals

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All together we will make a better legal sector!

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