Challenge 2020

20/20 is our most ambitious project, the way we want to transform the current reality by creating a a new paradigm of real diversity within the legal sector. 20/20 is the formula that organizations and institutions can use when committing to expand their current percentage of women in managerial positions.

. WLW | Women in a Legal World wants to be an active part of change. By the year 2020 we'd like to reach a 20% increase in the number of women in managerial positions within the legal sector, because figures are not the only thing that matters:, progression in a sensible pace is even more important..

And this is precisely what we want to measure: the percentage of progress that companies, law offices, professional associations, institutions in the legal sector and universities can reach during this period, leaving the figures aside (for now). It is essential to get started, and make good progress so that we can start seeing more women in senior positions throughout this year.

The organizations that choose to join us:

  1. Will have access to the «WLW Stamp», which they will be able to include in their communications.
  2. Will begin to be a part of the WLW Community.
  3. Will be eligible for the WLW Equality Award.

Report: "Statistical Data of Women in Managerial Positions in the Spanish Legal Sector"

The data reflects that there is still much to be done in order to achieve a more equal distribution of managerial positions within the sector. The first cross-sectional report on women in managerial positions in the Spanish legal sector, coordinated by Ana Martinez Enguidanos and María de Orueta, further confirms this theory. .

You can read it here: Statistical Data of Women in Managerial Positions in the Spanish Legal Sector - Women in a Legal World. Women in a Legal World.