Women in a Legal World

A collaborative network of women working in the legal sector


We aim to have feminine referents in all legal fields and specialties: , in debates, in the media, in business schools faculties, in chairs and in boards.

Women in a Legal World

WLW is a non-profit organization born in Spain. Our members are professional women from the legal industry, with great influence, and who wish to transform the environment in which they operate, We aim to create appropiate conditions for all professionals in the sector, so that everyone, (men and women) has the same opportunity to shine and achieve career success, shaping a model that satisfies everyone involved.

WLW wants Spain to be a pioneer in achieving a diverse legal sector at all levels, in which seeing a woman in front of a law firm, directing a law school, presiding over the jury at a grand prix, or leading the legal service of a quoted company are no longer rare feats..

We aim to have feminine referents in all legal fields and specialties: , in debates, in the media, in business schools faculties, in chairs and in boards.

It is therefore necessary for us to know each other, to connect, to improve our social skills among professionals, to inspire each other, and to lead the way so that the future leaders can develop their careers in a much more, diverse, rich and balanced environment, that offers everyone the chance to reach management positions in decision-making bodies. .

  • To move from words to deeds. There are many reports that show the gender imbalance in decision-making bodies in the legal industry. It's time to take action to turn these figures around.
  • Work to promote women in management positions.
  • To create a collaborative network that increases the presence of women in media management, committees, institutions, boards, university, offices, companies and associations.
  • To promote and give visibility to excellent women within the legal field.
  • To have an impact on society so our views are greatly taken into account and more women can reach senior management positions within the legal sector.
  • To highlight the firms, companies and institutions' best practices..
  • To promote professional advancement without gender bias, helping the generations to come..
  • Promote monitoring of the Agenda 2030.
  • Keeping us in mind for possible business opportunities, conferences, collaborations in media or publishing projects, invitations to events, sharing information, etc.
  • Creating projects that illustrate women's leadership in the legal sector.
  • Developing collaborative networks through the implementation of mentoring programs for students in their final undergraduate year in Spanish universities while promoting mentoring for college newcomers within these undergraduates.
Who can participate?

WLW participation is exclusively activated by a direct invitation from a member of the original network, Once settled into the group, the new member will be able to propose new candidacies..

If you are interested in joining or know someone who might be, you can find our application form for new members here..

How to participate?
There are five ways to get involved and start building relationships through WLW:

Attend a bi-monthly lunch.

We meet every two months to share a networking is. Our meetings include time to mingle, talk and, in some cases, an expert speaker comes to touch on a topic of interest. Each attendee is responsible for the cost of the menu, which is fixed in advance.

Join our group on LinkedIn:

Women In a Legal World, (it requires prior invitation), Follow us and join the conversation.

Individual meetings program.

A few days before each lunch, each attendee who has previously requested it will be sent a list with the contact details of all the participants who have consented to share their information.. This will help you identify one or more women on the WLW list and schedule individual meetings during lunch or coffee. This is a vital step to create personal connections and build business relationships. Think of at least one person that you can recommend to the professional you just met. Networking is giving!.

Talk to a member of the organizing committee

We would love to get you involved in what is happening behind the scenes in WLW. Contact a board member, share your ideas or ask any questions you have in mind and she will help you find a particular project within WLW that you can join.

Share WLW

We appreciate that you share what you learn in our meetings with third parties or in social media, or that you publicly comment on ideas that have inspired you or called your attention, but our meetings are subject to the Chatham House Rule: you can comment on what has been said, but without mentioning who attended, or identifying what was said by an specific individual.




Annual meetings

It is a fact that in Spain, as in many other countries, the legal sector is dominated by a male leadership model. Even in the 21st century, the legal industry, is still configured based in the preferences of the men who exercised the legal profession long ago, a time when women had virtually no chance to study or practice it, let alone, being able to take part in the creation of the most fitting professional model for all.

Fortunately, society has changed radically ever since. Women not only have equal access to college, but they also choose to study Law at a significantly higher rate than men and also have a better academic perfomance.

Nonetheless, some really interesting factors, lead women to generally take a secondary role when they reach the highest levels of power , management responsibilities and wages in most law firms and other legal organizations, as schools, boards, association, companies, agencies, business school, law schools, etc.

WLW has been created to contribute to the transformation of these structures, that have certainly ceased to meet the needs and preferences of most people who dedicate their knowledge, experience and talent to the law world (women), while systematically keeping better paid, more relevant , and more accountable positions, only available for men..

Do you want to be part of Women in a Legal World?

Requirements to be a member of Women in a Legal World:

  • Over 10 years of experience in the 10 years old
  • A managerial position
  • Your own team
  • Interest and experience in supporting women into leadership positions
  • Be introduced by two members


Women in a Legal World strives to create a collaborative network that increases the presence of women in media management, committees, institutions, boards, university, offices, companies and associations in the legal sector.

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