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A challenge aimed at developing the potential of last-year undergraduate and master's female students who want to access the law profession.

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Director of the Mentoring Program

Clara Cerdán

Clara Cerdán

General Counsel and Board's Secretary at Grupo FerroAtlántica


The experience of mentoring is a process in which a relationship of trust and encouragement is established to motivate the student, based on her needs, and her professional goals.



Our mentoring program is supported by University Villanueva and the Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

  • To accompany the mentee, who will be supported by a more experienced person throughout her professional development.
  • To transfer know-how: to capitalize on the accumulated knowledge of working professionals, who can inspire and guide mentees as they enter the workforce.
  • To create valuable professional and personal bonds between mentors and students.
General Rules
  • The training manager will receive the mentors' requests and will coordinate with the person in charge of the mentee awarding process in each university.

  • Candidates can get in touch via email: /

  • The recommended mentoring process is of six months, during which a minimum of two follow up sessions will be held. .

  • During the first meeting, mentor and mentee will agree on the sessions' schedule and discuss their expectations for the mentoring program. In addition, this will also be an opportunity to address important topics as the availability of the mentor between sessions, the meetings' location and means of contact, and the type of contents that will be discussed throughout the process.

  • The mentor must decide on her level of availability and be clear on the amount of information that she can provide to the mentee. She won't be under the obligation of offering work or introducing the mentee to her contacts by no means.

  • Regarding the meetings' locations, participants will have the option to use the partnering university facilities , even though they will be free to choose a location themselves.

  • The results will be collected through evaluation and satisfaction surveys for both the mentor and the mentee.

Suggested Content
  • Daily work, routines.
  • Personal relationships and "traditional roles" within the company.
  • The most desirable and needed skills within the workplace.
  • Which skills learned in college are more useful every day.
  • Finding a job in a particular sector, work search tools, most prominent companies, etc.
  • How to network and expand contact networks. Using LinkedIn and other social media in the workplace.
  • Discussions or debates on newspaper articles, as well as interesting reads related to an specific sector, or to the professional world.
  • Getting to know the mentor's workplace (this activity will be completely subject to the availability of the mentor).
  • Inviting the mentee to participate in professional sectorial events.

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