Academic Director of the Centro de Estudios Garrigues

Training is one of the keys to the future of society. Our Mentoring program aims to provide professional references and sources of inspiration to young jurists. Create bonds of trust, guide, accompany, give answers, share goals, dreams, fears and illusions at the beginning of your career in the professional world.

Head of the Mentoring Area


Prosecutor attached to the Sections against Computer Crime and against Economic Crime

For the visibility and empowerment of female talent in the legal sector through the use of social networks.

Head of the Legaltech Area


Legal Management Consulting en Deloitte Legal

The new frameworks highlight the importance of the role of women in management as an engine of innovation and technological transformation.

Head of the Leadership and New Frameworks Area of ​​Twork


Expert Privacy Lawyer. Partner and Head of the Privacy and Data Protection Area HELAS

Female participation is essential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Thus, We must advance in the digital empowerment of women so that no one is left behind. It is necessary to train in Digital Skills and retain and attract digital talent in Spain.

Head of the Data Protection and New Technologies Area


Chief Compliance Officer, Global Client in Webhelp

By holding events we want to recognize, empower and give voice to female talent within the legal sector. This work would be impossible without the collaboration of our sponsors, entities that believe in our project and that are committed to diversity, equality and sustainability.

Head of the Events and Sponsorship Area


Director of Corporate Development of SAMANIEGO Law

At WLW we believe that in a country of SMEs and freelancers like Spain and with so many brilliant ideas and courageous thinking, we must support entrepreneurs with our experience and this innovative spirit that we share.. Our goal is to develop your skills and knowledge in the legal sphere that will provide you with security and help you evolve and advance your business. We trust that with this grain of sand and with the great commitment and effort of the people who participate in this initiative, we contribute to positive change in our families., our society and the country's economy.

Head of the Area Entrepreneurship


Consultant on Public Diplomacy, international relations and leadership

From WLW we want to promote our network of women jurists in the international context to have a multiplier effect beyond our borders as Ambassadors in Spain. Our vocation is to lead the new global challenges and opportunities!

Head of the International Area


Responsible for the criminal area at Lucipinio International Law Firm

Towards an increasingly global world. Enrich ourselves with different cultures that together can only mean progress.

Head of the Diplomatic Relations Area


The members want to shape the Commissions that are leading different projects of the Association.

The technical office is made up of different professionals and partners of Women in a Legal World with the purpose of disseminating, strengthen and promote projects of the Association.

The appointment of the members who lead the technical cabinet is made annually agreed by the members of the Board of Directors.