Legal Notice

  1. Responsible data

The website, , (onwards, the website") It is owned by WOMEN IN A LEGAL WORLD (registered at ), established in C / José Abascal, nº56, 28003, Madrid.

The Association welcomes and invites you to carefully read the General Conditions of Use of this Web Site (onwards, "Conditions of Use"). With the hope that the use of the Web site meets the criteria of transparency, clarity and simplicity, Association informs the user that any suggestions, questions or queries about the Terms of Use will be received and resolved by contacting via the contact form provided on this website.

  1. Object

These Conditions are intended to regulate the relationship between users and the Association. Navigation and / or registration on any of the projects and / or services offered on the Website, will unreserved acceptance of these Terms.

The Association may at any time modify the Terms. When substantial changes in the conditions, the Association will inform the user through a notice on the Web itself. If the user does not agree with any of the terms set forth in the Terms, must refrain from their use.

  1. Underage users

Services offered on this website are intended for use by seniors. The Association may request, as a condition to validate any registration or registration, Additional information on these before, during and after the registration process, such as identification documents.

  1. Services

On the website the user can find information about services, Projects, events, Breaking News, No matter who and other information concerning the Association. It is made available contact area where the user can find phone numbers and email addresses which send us your comments, Doubts, or request additional information. Besides having an area of ​​application to join the association.

  1. Privacy and Personal Data Processing

When accessing certain content or services we ask you for personal data, You guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and validity of the information provided. The Association will give these data the corresponding computerized treatment according to their nature or purpose, in the terms indicated in section Data protection policy.

  1. Property Intellectual

You acknowledge and agree that all content of the Website and especially, designs, texts, images, logos, icons, buttons, software, tradenames, texts, Computer programs, and source codes, usually, any intellectual creation existing on this site, as well as the site itself as a whole, brands, or any other susceptible signs of industrial and / or commercial are the exclusive property of the Association and / or third parties, and they are protected by intellectual property rights.

The User agrees not to reproduce, copy, to distribute, make available or otherwise publicly communicate, transform or modify such content without authorization of the Association, responding to any claims that arising from the breach of such obligations. In any case access to the Website imply any waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of such rights, unless it expressly stated otherwise. The use or exploitation protected content without authorization of the Association, It constitutes a breach of these Terms and empower the Association to exercise appropriate legal action.

Likewise, It is prohibited to remove, circumvent and / or manipulate the copyright as well as technical protection devices, or any information mechanisms that might contain the contents. The user of this website undertakes to respect rights and to avoid any action that could damage, in any case reserving the Association exercise means few or legal actions required in defense of their legitimate rights of intellectual property.

  1. User obligations

The User agrees to:

  1. Make appropriate and lawful use of the Web site as well as content and services, in accordance with: (i) the law applicable at all times; (ii) General Conditions of Use; (iii) morality and generally accepted good practices and (iv) public order.
  2. Provided with all means and technical requirements needed to access the Web Site.
  • Provide accurate information to the fill in their personal data forms contained in the Web site and keep them updated at all times so that it responds, in every moment, the real situation of the User. The User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to the Association or to third parties by the information provided.
  1. Not attempt to access resources or restricted areas of the Web Site, without meeting the conditions required for such access.
  2. Do not introduce or spread computer virus network or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing damage to physical or logical systems on the web.
  3. In particular, the User agrees not to transmit, distribute or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and / or image, Photographs, recordings, software and, usually, any kind of material:
  • Either way contrary, disparages or undermines fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized constitutionally, in international treaties and other legislation in force.
  • induce, incites or promotes criminal, slanderous, slanderous, the violent, usually, contrary to law, the moral, to good manners generally accepted or to public order.
  • induce, incites or promotes actions, attitudes or thoughts discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition.
  • incorporate, make available or allow access to products, elements, messages and / or criminal, violent, offensive, noxious, the degrading, usually, contrary to law, morality and decency generally accepted or public order.
  • Is protected by the legislation on intellectual protection belonging to the Association or to third parties without having been authorized the use envisaged perform.
  • Contrary to the honor, to personal and family privacy or the image of people.
  • Constitutes any advertising.
  • Include any virus or program that prevents the normal operation of the Website.
  1. passwords

If to access some of the services and / or contents of the Web Site, will be provided a password, It is obliged to use it so diligent, keeping it secret at all times. The user is responsible for its custody and confidentiality, agreeing not to transfer to third parties, so temporary or permanent, or to allow access to these services and / or contents by outsiders. Equally, It is obliged to notify the Association any facts that may constitute a misuse of your password, as, without limitation, theft, loss or unauthorized access, in order to proceed to immediate cancellation. In consecuense, while not making the report above, the Association shall be relieved of any liability arising from misuse of your password, It is its responsibility for any misuse of the content and / or services of the Website by any third illegitimate. If so negligently or intentionally breach any of the obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions of Use, shall be liable for all damages that may arise from such failure to the Association.

  1. responsibilities

The Association does not guarantee access, or correct viewing, downloading or use of items and information that can be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond their control.

The Association may interrupt the service or immediately terminate the relationship with the user if it detects that the use of the Website is contrary to these Terms and Conditions of Use. The Association is not liable for damages, damages, losses, claims or expenses arising from the use of the Website. Will only be responsible for removing, as soon as possible, the contents that may cause such damage, provided this notification. Especially not be liable for damages that could result, you can now join WLW's Young Division, from:

  1. interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephone faults, delays, blockages or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system, caused by deficiencies, overloads and errors in telecommunications lines and networks, or any other cause beyond the control of the Association.
  2. unlawful interference with the use of malware of any kind and through any media, such as viruses or any other.
  • Improper or inappropriate abuse of the Website.
  1. Security or navigation errors caused by improper functioning of the browser or using outdated versions of the same.


  1. hyperlinks

The Association includes links to other websites operated by third parties, in order to facilitate access by the user to the information that may be of interest. The Association is not responsible for the content of websites, or it is placed in a position of guarantor and / or the party offering the services and / or information that can be offered through third party links. If the Association receives any notification of possible illegal content of any website linked, will immediately remove such link.

a limited right is granted to the User, revocable, and nonexclusive right to create links to the home page of the Website. The establishment of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between the Association and the owner of the site or the web page on which the link is established, nor the acceptance or approval of its contents or services. In any case, the Association reserves the right to prohibit or cancel at any time any link especially in cases where it has knowledge of unlawful activity or content of the website. Websites including ours link (i) may not imply that we recommend this web site or its services or products; (ii) They may not misrepresent its relationship with the Association, or state that the Association has authorized the link, or include trademarks, denominations, tradenames, logos or other distinctive signs of the Association; (iii) They may not contain content that could be considered in bad taste, obscene, offensive, controversial, that incites violence or discrimination based on sex, race or religion, contrary to public policy or illegal.

  1. Dispute Resolution. Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Use, and the use of the Website, They shall be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute will be resolved in the appropriate courts at the domicile of the user.

In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use prove unenforceable or invalid under applicable law or as a result of a judicial or administrative decision, such unenforceability or invalidity will not make these Terms of Use unenforceable or invalid as a whole. In such cases, the Asociation, It shall amend or replace such provision otherwise be valid and enforceable, as far as possible, get the goal and intention reflected in the original provision.